Do you feel extreme fear of dentist?

We have two great news for you… 

You are not a Coward and you are not Alone! Fear of dental treatment affects 36% of the population of all genders in The US, and 1 in 3 people who experience it, suffer from Extreme fear, which is called “Dentophobia”.

Dentophobia: Extreme fear (sometimes looks irrational to those who don't have enough knowledge). People with Dentophobia avoid seeing the dentist even when they’re in pain. This condition is so severe that it can lead to very poor dental health. These problems may affect a person’s relationships or job prospects, too.

We have the Solution and the Professionals to specifically manage the Pain, Fear, Anxiety and Discomfort that usually emerge as a product of Dentophobia. 

“At One Dental Studio we know a lot about this condition and therefore, we not only understand those who suffer from it, but we were trained to care for them”.
How To Overcome Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry?

Dentophobia does more damage than one realizes

Fear can cause one to do many things, in some cases it can cause someone to avoid going to the dentist for a long time and it doesn’t only result in bad breath. Some known complications have included: diabetes, decayed teeth, gum disease, heart disease, missing teeth, pneumonia, respiratory infections, aggression, sleep disorders, depression, and even anxiety

We know and understand what patients with Dentophobia are afraid of!

There is a long list: Dentist, Pain, Needles, Blood, Smells, gagging, etc, etc, etc….

What do we do to help our patients deal with this condition?

We were trained to use SEDATION so that our patients' experience is more like a nap than a visit to the dentist.

Sedation is not recommended for pregnant women.

Types of Sedation

Sedation Dentistry in McLean, VA | McLean Family Dentistry

Oral Sedation/Moderate Sedation: The dentist gives the Patient sedative medication about an hour before your procedure begins. Oral sedation makes you quite groggy, and you may even fall asleep. But you’ll still be able to communicate with your dentist if necessary, and you’ll awaken with a gentle nudge. Because oral sedation temporarily affects your memory and motor skills, you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you home after your procedure.

IV Sedation/Sleep Dentistry: Your healthcare provider delivers sedative medications directly to your bloodstream through an IV line. During your procedure, your dentist monitors your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels. They can adjust your dosage at any point and can use reversal medications if necessary. Most people who receive IV sedation dentistry fall asleep and no memory of their treatment when they wake up. This option is best for people with Dentophobia or those who are undergoing a long procedure.

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Longer sedation time a person would need up to 24 hours’ worth of recovery. If one had been put under for only 15 to 30 min, they would be able to drive home, any longer and that person would need that third party. 

It may just be a dream come true!

One might think, “I’m just taking a nap it not big deal,” but it is! When one is under sedation there are so many benefits not only for you but for your dentist. 

It reduces anxiety and trauma, often stems from a fear of pain and the feeling of being out of control. It brings efficiency to the procedure room, getting put under makes it safer and more efficient for the doctor and yourself!

Dentophobia can lead to patients being uncooperative during dental procedures, making it difficult for the dentist to provide the necessary care effectively. Anesthesia ensures complete stillness and cooperation during the treatment, allowing the dentist to work more efficiently and safely.

Under sedation, the patient won't feel any pain or discomfort during the dental procedure- it eliminates the unpleasant sensations that may exacerbate their fear. It can help patients who have built up fear for staying too long in the dentist.

 What feels like a lengthy dental procedure to a conscious patient might feel much shorter to someone under anesthesia, this can contribute to low stress and unease associated with lengthy treatments.

Reasons To Choose Sedation Dentistry - Integrity Dental

Not Ready Yet? Dont Worry!

So, with an extreme fear of the dentist not everyone is expected to just dive in and get sedated, one can and should plan one step at a time to get into that comfortable sleep:

  1. Schedule a consultation with your dentist before you have a care visit. Your dentist can tell you about next steps, so you feel more comfortable moving forward.
  2. Tell your dentist that you’re anxious so they can best help you. They may suggest calming medications or other techniques.
  3. Bring a friend with you to offer support.
  4. Choose a dentist who listens to you and works with you to help reduce your anxiety. These dentists are known as fear-free dentists.
  5. Come up with a signal that tells your dentist to stop if you need a break during treatment

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